Barbara launched her television career on the set of the original Hawaii 5-0. It was during this shoot, standing on the bustling set, that she had the epiphany: “This is what I’ll do for the rest of my life!”

Barbara moved to Los Angeles, immersed herself in acting classes and spent the next 18 years working and refining her craft. She developed a creatively fulfilling career as a busy young actor on television, in films, commercials and on the stage powered by her enthusiasm and tireless work ethic. Breaking down a script, creating an emotional arc for a character and developing relationships are facets of the work that she truly relishes.

Barbara’s films include Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason takes ManhattanSoldier’s FortuneCop Target and Beyond Darkness. A few television credits include the mini-series, Space, the movie-of-the-week, Bridge Across Time and appearances on the highly popular television shows Knots Landing and The Colbys.