Born and raised in Hawaii, Barbara spent her high school years either starring in musicals like The Wizard of Oz and Godspell, or doing various kinds of print work creating a successful career as a model. Once she made the big move to LA, she began to seriously study acting and worked with some of the finest directors in the business. Barbara carved out a career as a versatile actor in movies, TV and commercials.

In 1996 Barbara made another big move, this time to Australia, where she has built a reputation as a highly professional and tirelessly enthusiastic actor. Recently, her work in Sydney has proven fruitful, with three new film and TV projects to her credits in 2019, a return to print work as a mature model as well as an ever-growing list of clients for her highly successful work as a partner in and co-founder of Corporate Actors Australia.

A dedicated yoga practitioner, Barbara meditates every day, keeping her centered enough to balance her versatile career with her home life. She lives in Sydney with her husband of 30 years while her son pursues a PhD in physics.